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Wrote up content
Wrote blogpost on blockchain
Today, I started to write content on Twitter for the first time. I designed simple posts and wrote about the basics of blockchain in a thread and I'll add more to it every day.
Thread Link :

My upcoming Threads:
- Building in Public (My SaaS journey)
- Web 3.0
- Rest of the Blockchain thread
- Data Structures and algorithms made easy

I'm supeeerrrr excited.
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Created a CodePen
Oct 31, 2021
Completed Hacktoberfest
Digital Ocean Hacktoberfest
Completed 🎃 Hacktoberfest 2021, can't wait to see what Hacktoberfest 2022 will be like!

Established a Deployment Process
Started working on api development with Postman
Featured on PolyWork
Whoa! I'm featured on PolyWork! Thank you so much!
Looking for help
I'm trying to take N bytes of data, break it into S shards, with exactly enough error correction data to recover a minimum number of shards R < S.
We can assume there will be no bit errors in the data, only complete loss of shards.
I've been re-working this a couple times a couple different ways and am really struggling with trying to figure out how to lay out the data and if I can use a Reed Solomon GF 285/256 along with some combination of interleaving/bit spreading, etc?
Anyone have experience in this?
This is for open source, not homework, etc. I'm 40+.